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Spring II Semester: April - June

See schedule below for exact class dates

Language Door Spring II Class Schedule

Monday 29-Apr 6-May 13-May 20-May 3-June 10-Jun 17-Jun 24-Jun
Tuesday 30-Apr 7-May 14-May 21-May 28-May 4-Jun 11-Jun 18-Jun
Wednesday 1-May 8-May 15-May 22-May 29-May 5-Jun 12-Jun 19-Jun
Thursday 2-May 9-May 16-May 23-May 30-May 6-Jun 13-Jun 20-Jun
Friday 3-May 10-May 17-May 24-May 31-May 7-Jun 14-Jun 21-Jun
Saturday 4-May 11-May 18-May 25-May 8-Jun 15-Jun 22-Jun 29-Jun
Sunday 5-May 12-May 19-May 26-May 9-Jun 16-Jun 23-Jun 30-Jun


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