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Already took the first Japanese class and immediately signed up for the next! Our teacher, Sachico-san, is wonderful, helpful, and always ready with an answer. The curriculum is fast, and everything we are learning is immediately useful. The class works to teach conversational Japanese at the same time as written. And that’s an exciting challenge, and even after just one term, I feel pretty accomplished.

Jessica J.

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Amazing staff and highly qualified teachers. I would highly recommend Language Door to anyone who would like to learn a language. They have several languages such as Spanish, French and Mandarin. each class has several levels and you can find a level to suit your background. Love this place!

Hang E.

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Unbelievably talented staff at The Language Door ! Having taken courses at other institutes , this company never pressures the student to enroll to cover their staffing . The environment is friendly and casual and perfect for a motivated self-learner without any undue stress . Professoressa Margarita has a distinct style that make learning Italian fun and easy to relate to for conversations .

Lynne B.

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Language Door definitely deserves five Stars. I want to thank Natascha, the owner and Anders, my Swedish language instructor. Both are very professional. Thanks to my sister-in-law who is from Sweden, I took a one on one class with Anders for eight weeks. I began the class with a little knowledge of Swedish. Anders really helped me build my confidence, so I am now speaking and writing a lot more. Anders definitely taught me a lot about the language. I really enjoyed the eight weeks at Language Door.

James T.

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Our experience with Language Door has been fantastic. We were at another language school before and both my kids were unhappy. When learning a new language, it should be fun and exciting. I looked into Language Door and found our forever home.
First, the owner Natascha is fantastic. She’s multi lingual and very hands on. She loves what she does and it shows with all the students. She knows what teachers would be best for certain students.

Zinat T.

I took private French lessons here for 12 weeks to supplement my studies as a French language minor. Not only were my two teacher’s excellent but also the staff and schedulers are extremely organized. They are very quick to respond are genuinely interested in each student’s individual goals. My personal situation was very specific as I was intending to skip 2 course levels of French to enroll in a more advanced course at university.

Katherine V.

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I’ve taken two different languages here and I have to give them props for creating a nice sense of community with the students. The teachers are engaged and approachable. This is probably the best language school in the area.


Currently on my second course of Japanese with Sachiko-sensei, and I am very happy with my progress. A classmate and I went to Japan during week 6 of our first Japanese course, and we felt very prepared. You learn very practical, useful things such as – how to ask for the price of an item, how to order something, how to ask for directions, how to ask whether a place accepts credit cards, etc.

Stephanie M.

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