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“Course is great for beginners. It helps to have had a romance language prior, or to have heard French before. Hayden [the teacher] is open, forgiving, and encouraging. Everyone relaxes and has fun, but we still learn every week. He is good at gently controlling the students who are a bit too eager and answer (jump in too soon)  for others who are struggling,”


“Mina [the teacher] is very good with the students. She recognizes their strengths and weaknesses and guides the lessons around them. She lets the students take an active role in the lessons and encourages us to try without fear of failure.”


“This course strikes a good balance between structured learning and informal practice. The class size is small so the experience is more intensive. Regina [the teacher] is a superb teacher. She continuously fine-tunes the class to keep the students challenged and engaged. She is also very expressive and enthusiastic, which makes the class a pleasure to attend. Highly recommended.”


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