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The Korean language is spoken by more than 75 million people, of whom 48 million live in South Korea and 24 million in North Korea. There are more than 2 million speakers in China, approximately 1 million in the United States, and about 500,000 in Japan. Korean is the official language of both South Korea (Republic of Korea) and North Korea (Democratic People’s Republic of Korea).

The two Koreas differ in minor matters of spelling, alphabetization, and vocabulary choice (including the names of the letters), but both essentially endorse the unified standards proposed by the Korean Language Society in 1933.

Learn to Speak American Sign Language, Korean


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Fun Facts About Korean


Korean contains a high concentration of words borrowed from English including basic vocabulary.


Roughly half the Korean vocabulary consists of words derived from Chinese, mainly through the Confucian classics.


Today South Koreans generally use a hybrid writing system in which words derived from Chinese are written with Chinese characters, while Korean words are written in han’gul.
(North Koreans totally eliminated Chinese characters and write even Chinese words in han’gul.)


Despite word borrowing, Korean is completely distinct from Chinese, in sound and in sentence structure.

Learn to Speak American Sign Language, Korean
Learn to Speak American Sign Language, Korean

History Of The Korean Language

Korean is among the world’s most misunderstood languages because its origins are obscure and the subject of ongoing scholarly debate. Evidence suggests that Korean and Japanese belong to the Altaic language family, which also includes Turkish and Mongolian. Chinese, although it belongs to a completely different language family, influenced Korean greatly. Many believe that the language emerged from a single cultural source. But just as the Korean people of today did not descend from a single homogeneous race, the Korean language of today did not evolve from a single language. Various groups who populated the Korean peninsula in ancient times merged into a homogeneous people with a single language during the unifications of the sixth to the fourteenth century. By the fifteenth century, Korean had emerged as the language we now know.

The modern Korean writing system, han’gul, was devised in 1443 during the reign of King Sejong, perhaps the greatest monarch of the Yi Dynasty (1392-1910).

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Language is one of the primary mediums through which we can share our thoughts and human experience. Therefore, it is essential to educate students and linguistic enthusiasts to communicate with an international audience and multi-ethnic society. There are various places where most people do not speak English. Therefore, learning their common language from reputable online courses in Korean classes can create new ways to interact with people and prospective clients.

Korean is currently one of the oldest living languages in the world. It is pretty much closer to the Mandarin language widely spoken in China. Thus, taking Korean language classes ensures you get access to Southeast Asia. Taking a Korean online course helps you connect more with the locales, therefore, is suitable for travel, education, and work purposes.

Learn to Speak American Sign Language, Korean

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There are numerous foreign languages to choose from to shape linguistic skills or to grow further. Enrolling in top-notch Korean classes in Orange County can help you learn more about Korean immigrants and locals.

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If you are working in an MNC, then there are chances you need to interact with many locals around the world. Learning the Korean language can help you communicate with more people in a Korean-based company. As Korea is one of the top 13 economic countries in the world, it will make you a valuable asset for the company.

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You can unlock various opportunities in terms of business, locales, and career opportunities. Therefore, taking Korean classes can clearly help you get through various skill set for a fulfilling career-oriented individual. Grab the great career opportunities coming your way, as learning the Korean language gives you an upper edge to connect with more people.

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Learning the Korean language from professionals will provide more significant insights into Asian cultures. It further improves cognitive and speaking skills. Gaining in-depth knowledge about culture will make you tolerant in accepting of cultures other than yours. Further, it will help you connect with locales to explore Korea like never before.

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Learn to Speak American Sign Language, Korean

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