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Japanese has no known linguistic relatives though is possibly distantly related to the Altaic family of languages, which includes Korean, Mongolian and Turkic languages. Japanese is not related to Chinese, though it does contain a huge number of Chinese ‘loan’ words, in fact perhaps 50% of the words used in Japanese are of Chinese origin.

The written language has 3 methods of writing: Thousands of Chinese characters called Kanji and 2 Japanese syllabaries of 48 characters each called Hiragana and Katakana. Japanese is therefore considered the most complex written language in the world.


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Fun Facts About Japanese 


Over 70% of Japan consists of mountains and forests, has over 200 volcanoes with the tallest mountain being Mt. Fuji and has over 6,800 islands. This makes the habitable areas the coast resulting in some of the most densely populated areas worldwide. The greater metropolitan area of Tokyo of ~30 million people is also the largest worldwide. It’s roughly the size of the California but contains about half the population of the US.


Geisha means “person of the arts” and the first geisha were men.


Average life expectancy in Japan is the highest in the world at 83.5 years.


In the Japanese language, the main verb comes at the end of the sentence.


Where Is Japanese Spoken?


Japanese is spoken by 126 million people mainly in Japan but also in 26 other countries including American Samoa, Argentina, Australia, Belize, Brazil, Canada, Dominican Republic, Germany, Guam, Mexico, Micronesia, Mongolia, New Zealand, Northern Mariana Islands, Palau, Panama, Paraguay, Peru, Philippines and Taiwan.

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Communication and language are the core of the human experience. All must educate its students to make them culturally and linguistically equipped to communicate with the multiethnic society and global audiences. It is because English is no longer the only language exclusive for business; individuals must start learning other languages in order to communicate in the language of their prospective clients. 

Japanese as a language is the ninth most spoken language in the world. It is the most polite language to avoid hurting other individuals’ sentiments. If you are considering building a successful career in language or want to visit Japan for work, education, or travel, taking Japanese language classes can help in more ways than you can imagine.

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How Does Enrolling For The Japan Language Classes Add To Your Skillset?

There are many foreign languages you can learn to grow further in your career or sharpen your spoken language skills. Enrolling in Japanese classes in Los Angeles can help individuals belonging to any country, irrespective of their culture or ethnicity.

1. Diverse Career Opportunities

Speaking different languages is highly beneficial in terms of internal politics and business and opens more doors for various career opportunities. It is because communicating clearly across borders is a vital skill set to be developed by every career-oriented individual.

2. Deeper Understanding Of The Japanese Culture

Japanese culture is unique and the perfect amalgamation of traditional and modern practices. These cultural traditions are ingrained in the individuals living there in their dialect, the way they react, interact and behave. Signing in for the Japanese classes in San Diego will help you better understand its history, martial arts, entertainment, culture, and fashion.

3. Deepens Your Appreciation For Your Native Language And Culture

Learning the Japanese language will help you appreciate your language and culture as it improves your communication and cognitive skills. Gathering in-depth knowledge about a culture that is different from yours will heighten your awareness about the significance and greatness of the different languages and cultures prevailing all over the world.

Perks Of Collaborating With Our Expert Japan Language Instructors

The ideal course doesn’t exist. We all have our priorities while learning any new language, different motivations to keep us going through the entire course, different amounts of free time to spare, and varying amounts of monetary support to back us up. However, Language Door is a near-to-perfect solution for language learners worldwide.

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The language instructors at Language Door offer language classes in several foreign languages, such as Arabic, Armenian, Cantonese, Japanese, Chinese, and much more.

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The Japanese or Japan classes are provided in both in-person and online modes so that the learners can have the flexibility to learn at their convenience.

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The classes are provided at the most reasonable prices so that even the average individual can avail of their benefits.

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The language experts at Language Door are selected and hired based on their talent and expertise in the specific language so that the learners have the best guide throughout the learning process.

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There is no bar on age. The classes are open for everyone willing to learn, whether a child or an elderly.

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Improving understanding and communication depends on precisely accurate translation. For high-quality languages, classes of different languages rely on expert translators of Language Door. We have experienced teachers for Japanese classes in Los Angeles who are willing to guide you throughout the learning session so that your spoken Japanese language comes out just perfect. Contact us to get in touch with different language experts to add a new skill to your list.