Classes for Kids

Classes for Kids

Immerse Your Child in a New Language and Culture with Language Door

Classes for Kids
, Classes for Kids

Classes for Children

since 2004

The world is becoming more global and integrated, and as a result there is a need in every walk of life for communication between different groups of people. Even today job prospects are significantly better for bilingual and multilingual candidates. Teaching your child a second language now is an essential part of preparing them for their future.

Children Group Classes: 8 weeks, 1 hour/week: $239
sibling discount $10 

, Classes for Kids

8-weeks class

Language Door provides weekly small group classes for kids for all languages.

Our kids’ classes meet once per week for an hour, and last eight weeks. Typical class size is three or four students, with a minimum enrollment of two and a maximum of eight.

, Classes for Kids

Small group

Small class size ensures that, with an optimal student-to-teacher ratio, students will get ample personal attention, while still making significant progress through material on a weekly basis. Weekly meetings allow for consistent scheduling, and give students time to work on homework and let the lessons sink in.

, Classes for Kids

Learn with Native speaker

At Language Door our native speaking teachers are experienced in teaching children and students of all ages.

At the end of an eight-week session, students are ready to move up to the next level of instruction. We always offer the next level of your language at the same date and time, keeping your scheduling simple.

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