The Children of Language Door

The Children of Language Door


treinta y cinco, trente-cinq, Fünfunddreißig, trentacinque
35 can be said many ways and in many languages, but to a child in Africa it says, “love”

For $35 per month you can make the difference in the life of a child! Join us in adopting a child in our “The Children of Language Door” program.

The Language Door is committed to giving back! We feel it is important to reach out to those less fortunate and share a piece of our heart. Through letters, care packages, and small stories we are not only able to provide some comfort and relief to children that so desperately need it, but at the same time learn about their environments, cultures and traditions.

With your small contribution each month, Language Door will assist in the initial adoption process and communication with World Vision. We will proudly post the pictures and correspondence from each of the children on our bulletin boards. It is our hope that we will be able to fill our walls with the smiles of dozens of deserving children in all of our schools!

For more information or to start sharing the “love” today, please contact –
Natascha Dammann