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At Language Door, our mission is to provide an outstanding experience with top-notch instructors and an unparalleled learning environment.

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Distance learning meets the needs of many students these days, who are unable or don’t want to attend traditional classrooms settings. Learn in the comfort of your home, office or on the go.


Small Group Classes / Individual Classes

Private classes are tailored to your individual needs and goals. You determine the pace of your learning progress. Interested in a small group class ? Contact us and we will try to set you up in a group class.

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Over the years we built the best teacher team , who cares about their students’ progress and makes the lessons fun. Let one of our top notch instructors help you reach your goals.


Distance learning meets the needs of many students these days, who are unable or don’t want to attend traditional classrooms settings.



From Our Students

“I love my Russian classes with Natasha! She always manages to keep me engaged and of course has a thorough understanding of the language. I look forward to our sessions every week.”

“I have been taking French classes with Language Door for years. It is like my meditation time. I am so happy that they are offering online classes during this difficult time. Having the class every week and seeing my teacher and other students definitely give me a sense of routine and comfort.”
- Shakeh

"We couldn't be happier with Language Door ! My two kids have been studying Spanish for the last 3 years and can now read, write and converse. Not to mention they enjoy speaking Spanish and love their teachers , who are native speakers. Studying online gives a lot of flexibility , we love that as well!"

"Language Door has been amazing for me! I started taking Russian classes with the wonderful Kseniia about 3 months ago and I have improved dramatically in such a short time! Language Door is great at matching you up with the right teacher for you. I highly recommend them for anyone trying to learn a new language or improve their skills."


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Learn a Language Online in Chattanooga


Chattanooga is a city in Tennessee, along the Tennessee River bordering Georgia. With an estimated population of 182,799 in 2019, it is the fourth-largest city in Tennessee and one of the two principal cities of East Tennessee, along with Knoxville.Chattanooga is home to a considerable number of manufacturing and service industries, including Chattem, the first Coca-Cola bottling plant in the world; the Chattanooga Bakery, and McKee Foods Corporation, which makes Little Debbie brand snacks. The city is home to many distribution and manufacturing facilities as well, including Ferrara Candy Company, DuPont, and The city’s economic advantages include abundant natural resources (chiefly iron and steel), a strong tourism industry, a trained labor force, and a centralized location. An extensive system of highway, air, water, and rail transportation helps make the city a major transportation and distribution center. In addition, the city has a designated Foreign Trade Zone.Chattanooga is mainly attracting new residents with its low cost of living and diverse economy and jobs market. Chattanooga’s population growth has outpaced the national average for more than 20 years, and this trend is expected to continue.  With the population steadily growing as the economy thrives, learning a new language in Chattanooga can help you connect to people in all aspects of your life. At Language Door, our native speaking teachers are here to provide you with an authentic learning experience, connecting you to a welcoming community of acceptance and growth. 

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