Urdu is the most beautiful language to ever exist! The national language of Pakistan, Urdu has a different space among both Non-Urdu and Urdu speakers. To be honest, the mesmerizing Urdu words are no less than a real treat to the ears. Way too elegant and graceful, Urdu as a language is quite familiar with Persian, Hindi, Sanskrit, and Turkish. Brimming with rich culture and sheer beauty, this language is worth drooling over. Simply enroll yourself in Urdu classes online and enjoy learning the sophisticated ‘bolee’ from your own comfort zone.

The language of love, Urdu, has its own charm. Let’s delve deeper to get a better perspective and deep understanding of this language.

The Beauty of Urdu as a Language- A Thorough Guide


Why Is Urdu so Pleasing as a Language?

Urdu is extremely appealing as a language, and there are solid reasons to support the statement. We will explore them one by one at a quick glance:

A Literature-Dominant Language

As a matter of fact, we know that Urdu is a literature-dominant language. Not only in India, Urdu has made its presence evident in many parts of the world. Urdu is known to be a tailor-made and lyrical language exclusively crafted for literature experts and poets. The best part about Urdu is that even the simplest word or phrase sounds extremely elegant when spoken in this language. Urdu in terms of literature legacy is quite unbeatable, and that’s one of the main reasons behind its popularity and utmost allure.

The Decent Charm Makes it Sound Pretty

The language itself presents a decent tone, and the way of speaking Urdu makes it a catch among several other languages. Though understanding Urdu thoroughly without learning it might look like a task, you won’t be able to take a step back from appreciating its mesmerizing essence and captivating power. The same goes for another language- Arabic. You can master this skill by opting for Arabic classes from Language Door.

Bagged the Title of ‘Language of Love’

One of the strongest testimonies behind Urdu being the most beautiful language is the sweetness that it carries throughout! Extremely soulful and peaceful to hear, Urdu can make you fall in love within an instant, not even kidding. If you are thinking about the perfect way to express your feelings to your better half, why don’t you simply express your ‘Mohabbat’ in Urdu? The other person will immediately have a smile on their face!

No Room for Abuse

Even if you want, you can’t use this particular language to throw slang or any kind of abusive words. It’s the overwhelming purity of Urdu that doesn’t leave any room for ‘bad words’.

Urdu Words Are Extremely Appealing

Last but not least, the Urdu words are way too appealing, both the listener and speaker will feel a sense of peace while having a conversation in Urdu. This effortlessly magical language is potent enough to bring out the ‘shayaar’ in us.

Some Facts About this Fascinating Language

Now that we know how beautiful this language is, the zeal to learn more about Urdu constantly keeps on increasing. That’s why we have some facts for you to go through:

Urdu Is the 20th Most Widely Spoken Language in the World

Urdu is one of the most versatile languages popular in 26 countries having more than 100 million speakers. It is the 20th most widely spoken language in the world as well. By opting for language sessions like Urdu or online Tagalog classes in San Diego, you will be able to pave the way toward new opportunities with much ease. Another interesting fact about Urdu is that it is written from right to left. As a result, this language contributes to improving your analytical abilities and visual organization skills.

Urdu Is a Skill, not Just a Language

It’s completely safe to say that Urdu is much more than just a language- learning Urdu is like adding a new skill to your resume. In order to ace the art of speaking Urdu, you must focus on watching Urdu TV shows and movies and reading Urdu books. Apart from that, having a conversation in Urdu also makes it easier for you to get a hold of the language. Are you one of the individuals looking forward to working for a multinational company? If yes, learning Urdu will definitely bestow you with excellent opportunities and a competitive advantage.

It Involves Your Cognitive Skills

Urdu is one of the languages that shape your cognitive skills to a great extent. It enables you to stay encouraged and motivated while learning new words, grammatical rules, word formation, sentence structure, etc. Lack of motivation and cognitive abilities might act as a barrier to the learning process. Your wish to work overseas can be easily fulfilled with this particular skill set, so, what are you waiting for?

Learning Urdu Demands Motivation

If you want extreme fluency in this language, staying motivated throughout the process is a must. Yes, there might be days when you will feel like taking a pause, but a pause doesn’t take much time to lead to a stop. Whether it’s Urdu or Chinese language classes for adults, keep yourself involved in the ongoing learning process, and in no time, you will begin to ace the language.

Why Choose Language Door for Learning Urdu?

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