“I am a professional employed with a government agency here in Orange County. I have a Master’s Degree level of education. Three years ago I was searching for someone, or an agency that could assist me in learning how to speak Japanese. I often travel to Japan to visit my in-laws and desired to communicate with them and our Japanese friends. I asked a few friends, and two of them recommended that I contact Language Door in Irvine about the classes. I contacted Language Door and I also researched more about the agency online. I began my Japanese lessons in the group setting. I was impressed with the instructor Akemi. She was patient and cared if her students learned about the Japanese language and culture. Akemi has since then been recognized nationally as being one of the best language teachers in this country. This is an example of the quality of instructors that Language Door hires as it’s employees.

I still participate in language lessons at Language Door in Irvine, but have taken individual/private lessons for two years. Its a better way for me to learn the language. Of course other people really prefer the group sessions as their way to learn their language of choice. Language Door provides many other language lessons and have qualified language teachers who are from the countries in which the languages are spoken. Not only do you learn the language, but cultural lessons are a part of the curriculum. Of course to truly learn a language one must be exposed to the people and culture to truly understand it. Language Door has a variety of class schedules to meet your needs. They also have other locations to attend lessons. I strongly recommend Language Door in Irvine to anyone who desires to learn another language.You will be more than happy with the instructors and the facility.”


John M.