Learning a new language can be difficult to get started on. Once you get the hang of the process though, you’ll learn methods built into the curriculum that fit your learning needs best. Here are some helpful tips on identifying those methods, and how to retain the language you are learning more effectively.


Try using the language in real scenarios


Take opportunities to do this whenever possible. This will not only elevate your ability, but immerse you in the culture. Pushing your own limits will take you to new heights. This can be accomplished through friends that may speak the language, ordering food from a local restaurant, or singing songs in the language. Also, you’ll get more acquainted with the pronunciation as well. Nothing compares to real life experience.


Learning the language through media


Learning the language through media is a highly effective avenue. Again, this can be through music, social media, blog postings, news articles, television, etc. Exposing the mind to other avenues for the brain to learn from will allow you to find which route is best for you. Doing this provides you extremely important information on : how you learn, and how you retain information. 


Practicing methods that work best for you


Reading and taking notes on a given text – This can be fantastic for any student that enjoys reading, as well as those who learn best from descriptive, detailed information. Transplanting that information into the student is easier said than done, but with the right guidance, this can certainly be an effective route.


Listen and repeat – Practicing this method on your own can come with ease, while in a group is more difficult. It naturally feels more important if other students are listening, which can be stressful. Remember this: we all began in the same place! We’ve all been there before, and almost everyone in the class with you is in the same situation. Enjoy the process, it will work for every student in time.


Conversations with classmates – Speaking with peers at the same/similar level are great assets to learn from. You learn a great deal from masters of the craft, but you can learn just as much from those on the same level. New techniques, small practices to incorporate in your own learning, etc. Learning with a group is always ideal for a language.


Crash coursing vs long term goals


In the end, remember learning a language happens at the pace of the individual. For some it comes all at once, and others it takes a bit more time. Finding the strategy and time commitment that works best for you to achieve your language goals is a great first step.


Overall, language is a mighty mountain that we’re here to help you climb together. To get started, give us a call and learn some more information about our class opportunities. We’ll take note of your learning situation and level, which will allow us to place you into a class that fits your learning needs. We’re looking forward to getting started!