The building blocks to a successful future!

Language Door is excited to offer a new Spanish language immersion preschool program for children ages 3 – 6.

Your child will learn to speak and understand Spanish the same way they learned their first language by playing, drawing, exploring and conversing.  Every class is designed with hands-on learning experiences that guide children in becoming confident and independent learners.

Our immersion approach means that every moment in the classroom is an opportunity for language learning.  While participating in a full immersion environment, children acquire the language through a “survive & thrive” technique.  As the curriculum is taught in Spanish it is presented in a fun, play-based, nurturing atmosphere.

When children feel safe and nurtured in their environment, they have fun, express themselves openly, and most importantly, learn.

Our Preschool Program ensures classroom success through:

  • Encourage a love of learning
  • Developing competency and confidence in each child
  • Providing native speaking teachers
  • Creating a no-pressure environment