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Academic Tutoring: Elementary School

For students in Kindergarten through sixth grade, one-on-one private tutoring can help:

  • Build a successful academic foundation for the future
  • Fill in learning gaps or catch up to grade-level standards
  • Advance skill level and conceptual understanding in preparation for future advanced courses
, Elementary School Tutoring

English Language Arts (ELA)


Phonics is a cornerstone of reading, pronunciation, and spelling. For younger students, phonemic awareness is a key part of fostering reading and spelling skills; for older students, phonological awareness is essential to the mastery of reading fluency.

Reading Comprehension

Reading comprehension focuses on helping students advance through different levels of conceptual understanding. At the base, students focus on being able to comprehend the literal meaning of a text; over time, this develops into a more sophisticated understanding, in which students can make inferences, understand literary devices, and begin to see elements of plot structure. Hand-in-hand with this, students develop stronger vocabulary skills.

Elementary School Tutoring
Elementary School Tutoring


Writing instruction begins with forming letters, followed by words and short sentences. Beyond this, elementary-level writing focuses on developing larger structures for students’ written expression, paragraphs, and eventually, full essays. Not only does writing instruction help demystify the structure of these increasingly elaborate writing forms, but it also helps expand students’ creativity and critical thinking—key traits for future success. 


Grammar refers to the nuts and bolts of language—the written (and unwritten) rules that put words into an order that we understand as a sentence. For students, grammar instruction focuses on becoming comfortable with recognizing parts of speech, followed by sentence structure and punctuation. Ultimately, the goal of grammar is to give students a strong understanding of the mechanics of language so that their written expression is clear and their reading comprehension of more difficult texts improves.

Elementary Mathematics

Kindergarten through 6th Grade Math

  • For lower elementary grades, math is focused on grasping command of foundational skills
    • Basic Operations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division)
    • Recomposing and decomposing multiple-digit numbers
    • Reading, ordering, counting, and representing numbers
    • Basic word problems involving one step operations
  • For upper elementary grades, math is centered on enhancing the previously learned foundational skills through the addition of more complex concepts, such as
    • Adding, subtracting, dividing, and multiplying fractions and decimals
    • Understanding percents
    • Statistical measurements like mean, median, and mode, as well as graphical representations like the box plot
    • Integer operations
    • Multi-step word problems
    • One step expressions and equations with variables
Elementary School Tutoring