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Specialty Services

Specialty Services
College Essays
  • College essays are an opportunity to make your application “speak” to the admissions reader, making your application rise above a 2-dimensional listing of classes, extracurriculars, and awards and instead create a 3-dimensional portrait of a passionate, thoughtful, and mature student. 
  • Whether you need help getting started, feel stuck, or just need some suggestions and pointers, we can provide support and guidance in helping you express in your essays your personal voice and best self. 
Creative Writing
  • Whether for a school assignment or for personal enrichment, creative writing is a rewarding skill to develop, one which can pay dividends over your entire life.
  • More than just coming up with ideas, creative writing involves understanding dramatic structure, characterization, the use of literary devices, editing, and the ability to analyze other creative works. 
Public Speaking
  • As the world becomes more interconnected, communication skills have also become increasingly prized. Increasingly, schools are integrating public speaking, whether presentations or speeches, into their curriculums
  • However, not every student is a born actor or orator—public speaking is difficult, not to mention frightening, for many! 
  • Our tutors can provide assistance and support for students to develop both an understanding of how to structure a speech or presentation as well as how to better handle the stress! 
Music Theory
  • We can help you reach the next level of your musical education, whether you are a student at an arts magnet, an aspiring performer, or just interested in music.
  • Tutoring can be aligned to existing curriculum (AP Music Theory or OSCA) or customized to your interests.